Back to the Top: Winehouse Rules iTunes with “Back to Black” and “Frank” Albums

Current iTunes Home Page for Monday July 25, 2011

-by Joey Figgiani

Maybe it seems morose to celebrate.  Or maybe some music fans are just now discovering her immense talent after her sudden death.  Maybe some of us who already loved her music are adding it to our computers or mp3 players for the first time.  Maybe even some doubters have realized there are other-more powerful-songs besides “Rehab.”  Whatever the reason: the soulful, young jazz and retro pop-influenced singer is being heard again all over the world.

Her biggest and most noted single “Rehab” is number 13 on the “songs” chart.  While it’s possible that listeners are purchasing the (now terribly eerie) horribly prophetic single out of some morbid curiosity.  But the entire “Back to Black” album is not only the number 1 downloaded record  on iTunes; another version of “…”Black” containing B-sides is also on the chart at number 6.  Amy’s second album “Frank” is currently number 3, as another version of “…Black” stands at number 8.

Amy Winehouse filled our ears with timeless music at a time when it was more than needed.  Now, if she can hear us, maybe this celebration of her unique and passionate artistry will send her a much-needed smile…

Amy’s incredibly beautiful interpretation of: “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”


One thought on “Back to the Top: Winehouse Rules iTunes with “Back to Black” and “Frank” Albums

  1. it makes me laugh how people that are not liked so much when they’re alive, are all of a sudden liked/loved posthumously. It seems to me, some people are fascinated with the afterlife, death, etc. Look how famous Elvis became after his death? And what about Michael Jackson and all the downloads after his demise? Why is it that people do this? If you don’t like someone while they’re alive, then why act like you like them once they’re gone?
    We as humans should try to get it right and make peace with others while they’re here, not post-mortem. I’m guilty myself of reaching out to loved ones in spirit. But those are people I actually knew and want to communicate with. Just my thoughts.

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