Shame on The New York Post for Cheap Headline of Winehouse’ Tragic Death

-by Joey Figgiani

Again, another example of what goes wrong when freedom of press is in the hands of ugly, greedy people.  In the cheapest, most contrived and tasteless way, The New York Post covered its Sunday paper with a full-size color photo of Amy Winehouse with the headline: “They tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no, no, no.”

Anyone familiar with the bad press she generated the past few years saw this troubled musician as a human being spinning out of control.  A third-grader could have said that, if she does pass away from her addiction, this would be the obvious play on words for anyone who is too heartless to see addiction as a disease.

But these uneducated money-mongers, who ignore the truth in order to sell papers are out right lying on their Sunday edition.  Winehouse spent much of her time seeking help, entering rehab several times.  She was also given a clean bill of health days before she was found dead in her London home, according to postings on UK website dailymail.

Workers at a favorite neighborhood eatery in Camden Square said in recent months she ordered only soda and insisted no one offer her alcohol, because she was off it and absolutely needed to avoid it to stay healthy.   The article goes on quoting how ‘she would always come here with her bodyguards and play pool, sometimes twice a day.  ‘But in the last two, three weeks she didn’t drink. She said she had given up. She just had a Coca Cola. She told me, “I’m not drinking. Don’t give me anything to drink if I ask for it. I mustn’t have it”.’

Several negative and cruel comments are tarnishing some heartfelt memorials on-line, by people who fail to show basic compassion or face their own imperfections.  Regardless of personal struggles the proof she left behind shows a true singer-songwriter dedicated to her craft.  She did far more before the age of thirty than most people will ever come close to.  Amy’s left us with a brief body of work that will still stand as some of the best music of our time.

After googling the biblical quote about throwing a stone only if one is without sin, I found this poem by Ernest Clary, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.”  It’s lines seem perfect to direct toward the harsh bloggers and careless New York Post.  I pity hateful people and tabloid trash  for spreading negativity over the internet and in their newspapers.  Far more serious issues are more newsworthy than the passing of an entertainer; I get that.   You disgust me by putting a biased and misleading article about Winehouse on your cover to sell your rag.  Especially now, in a world that is so badly in need of  some good news.


5 thoughts on “Shame on The New York Post for Cheap Headline of Winehouse’ Tragic Death

  1. add to the above the fact that the new york post is completely ignoring the scandal involving its publisher, ruport murdock, and you get a pretty clear picture of the kind of journalism they engage in.

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