Weird & Synchronized Moments as Dyer’s “Power of Intention” Begins to Flow

-by Joey Figgiani

At this point in my life I’m again in transition.  I’ve moved from Illinois back to New York and have been working toward changing my career.   Yesterday a new friend gave me a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention.  It looked interesting enough, but I was already in the middle of a few other books and still had more I was planning on getting to.  Since starting this blog last week I’ve been obsessed with writing and getting noticed as a freelancer.  Today, after deciding on the Dyer book I started reading at a Barnes and Noble cafe’ on Staten Island, and amazing “coincidences” started happening.

Seated at a small table with a coffee I started the book.  I’m usually distracted by people around me but felt calm and ready to learn about The Power of Intention.  After only a few pages Dyer explained something called a “field of intention.”  I stopped to take in this idea, as I usually do when introduced to a heavy new concept.  While thinking, something temporarily had me look up at the guy seated in front of me.  His shirt read “Field House: Chelsea Piers.”  I looked back down at Dyer’s words about a “field” then back up toward the slogan on the guy’s shirt.  Field, field, field.  ‘Wow.’

This seemed odd for its timing, so I began thinking if there’s any reason the Chelsea Piers, a popular tourist spot in lower Manhattan, would be brought to my attention.  I remembered going on an audition at a studio there years ago for a bit part as a convulsing drug addict; (I didn’t get the part).  Looking up from my book, I saw a former coworker from the stock room at The Gap, where we once were employed.  He was now working at the bookstore (gathering magazines at the moment) and said hello right away.  He remembered my name, and as  I struggled to recall his name I said “Hey, Tim, right?”  The name just came out.  I instantly remembered how Tim had been an aspiring actor and listened now, as he said he still was pursuing it while working at Barnes and Noble.  ‘My acting audition at Chelsea Piers; Tim the aspiring actor.   Interesting.’

Tim got back to work, and  I kept on reading.  My attention then went toward a barista serving at the cafe’.  She was a young, friendly and quirky girl but a little too loud for an easily distracted reader like me.  When I took a moment to focus on her appearance, she reminded me of another person Tim and I had worked with at The Gap, Diana.  She wasn’t Diana but looked like a younger version.  Within an hour (and much to my astonishment) Diana herself appeared on-line ordering drinks for her daughter and nieces.  I had to talk to her.  She asked me what I was doing and seemed genuinely interested in my answer.  After telling her I was writing a lot and had started a blog, she said she used to work at this particular bookstore but was now working at “B and N” in publishing.  The abbreviation went over my head at first, but she confirmed that she was still employed by Barnes and Noble but now at their office in the city.  I asked if were possible for me to submit some work, and she said that sometimes the company will read a new writer’s blog to see if they find anything of interest.  I gave her my blog address and other contact info.  It’s not only odd that I somehow predicted this chance meeting with Diana and two former Gap coworkers, but I was just reminiscing days ago about my job in retail, and how we were once accidentally locked in the store during holiday season.  The girl I was reminiscing with is the same person who gave me the Wayne Dyer book.  Yikes.

Later, after getting back to the book I decided to ask Tim what he thought of me applying for a job at B and N.  When he passed by the cafe’ area again, I also asked for  his cell number to talk about maybe working together in some way.  While we chatted, the boisterous barista interrupted and shouted to Tim from behind the counter something about “strap hangers.”  A few minutes before, I was a dozen pages into the Dyer book where he made an analogy about tapping into the greater “power of intention.”  The writer’s example was of being a child on the train and trying to imagine being tall enough to reach the “trolley straps.”

This all happened within a couple of hours of beginning a book about the power of freeing your ego and tapping into an always-present force.  Dyer also emphasized how, if you’re able and willing , the energy behind this power would move very quickly and present you with signs and feelings toward what you hope for in your life and work.

Very wild, but there’s more.  After Tim got back to work, I remembered again how he still resembled an old female friend of mine.  She and Tim are both fair-skinned, Irish, similar in height, with dark hair and some freckles.  I thought also how I’d once felt the two may even hit it off romantically.  Before leaving Barnes and Noble, I went to the restroom upstairs.  On my way down the escalator I glanced casually over to the magazine section, and there was Kristen.

Amazing series of events tonight at Barnes and Noble.  I’m going to get back to my book, and who knows what else can happen…


3 thoughts on “Weird & Synchronized Moments as Dyer’s “Power of Intention” Begins to Flow

  1. Love it! I also have read several of his books and found them very useful in my life. He also has a great I-phone app for daily meditations.

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the universe will answer you once you put it out there. Ofcourse it never works if ego is involved. Many times when my life is in transition and I am confused, I give it up, do nothing and wait for the answer. Always it comes!

    Those connections at the bookstore were not coincidence. Good luck!

  2. Enjoyed this writing. I too have had many moments of synchronicity. I think of someone and they appear shortly after. It’s no coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that!

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