People who argue daily over who’s better: democrats or republicans are missing the bigger picture. Don’t you realize the majority of politics is run by crooks who, as George Carlin said, don’t give a shit about us, the common people. The two-party system in our supposed democracy is a sham created by the mega-rich and influential to keep working-class people busy arguing like idiots while they get richer, more greedy, and bailed out whenever something goes wrong for them financially.

Arguing ‘who’s better’ should be left to kids in a playground. Dark is not better than light, nor is the opposite true; there is also grey and red, and green, etc. Stop buying into this waste of energy and focus on the larger issue. Until we do, the same greedy bastards in power will remain that way.Creating “the other” is an old trick used to keep people at odds with each other, and that’s what the powerful and corrupt want. Imagine how strong we’d be if we stopped turning on each other, arguing a futile issue like who’s better, and realize we are ALL Americans and entitled to the same freedom and rights the elite enjoy, and our forefather’s once promised to us all.

The sooner we stop seeing society as black and white, two neat little compartments that all people fit into, the better. People are more complex than that; life is more sophisticated than that. I really believe this goes on with professional, even amateur sports and competitive games.  Ever think why there are TWO teams from the same city. It’s idiotic when people argue over what team is better, knowing they both represent the same city, but it’s perfect for keeping us distracted and separate. Come together people, realize we all seek the same basic things: food, shelter, and a chance to enjoy our time while alive on this planet. Please, enough with the fucking arguing over who’s better. It’s a waste of time.



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