Another Summer Comes to an End, and What Have We Learned

-Joseph Figgiani

Every year, when the seasons change and everything starts dying, I die a little myself. I become easily agitated and less tolerable of the darker sides of humanity. But leaves die with integrity and return to the ground only to be born again after the cold of winter.

It’s clear that mankind has turned its back on nature, polluting its air, water and earth with the foulness of industry, “progress” and a lust for money. We humans were given the ability to rationalize wrong from right, and it astounds me how many people choose the former. I’ll never understand outright cruelty, malicious and angry people who look to turn their hatred of all that is good onto the innocent around them. Each time I experience this, I grow a little meaner and my loving nature is worn away like a beach-weathered stone. That is why, it seems, we are doomed to fail as a civilization.


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