I’ve Been Sense-ored on Facebloke for Intelligent Posts

I’m guessing it’s not the Orwellian way to post anything on facebloke other than our

bathroom habits, work schedule, or what we ate for breakfast.  I spent days on a slideshow that exposes the satanic, sadistic, and sexual symbolism throughout images used by corporations, the entertainment industry and media.  After two days, it’s no longer up there. 

I posted the photo below today on facebloke, which is a collage that mocks a child’s puzzle while a lesson is conveyed.  “Players” are told to connect the lines from the entertainer’s photo to the word that best describes them.  Let’s see how long it’s allowed to stay up there…

My recent blogs have been inspired by great men like Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, the vigilant citizen (through his website) and David Icke, who exposed the commonalities cultures share through their folklore, languages, myths and symbolism.  Their work also shows the power of symbolism and the danger this knowledge can cause when used by hands with ill intentions. 

If anyone looks at my blog alone, without even taking the next step of researching the aforementioned authors’ incredible work), and doesn’t see an epidemic worth being concerned about, then we truly are asleep out there, people. 

“This is your wake-up call.” 



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