“They Remind Me Too Much of…”

Like most good things, too much can sometimes take away from the appeal. I take breaks from favorite movies, music, etc, and maybe you can relate. But, on the long drive through Pennsylvania, I decided to choose CD’s without looking, and was quickly reminded of how much I still enjoy, not only Springsteen, but Elvis’ music.

Not sure why, but I’ve always related to sad love songs about a person longing for someone they couldn’t have. (I guess I’m a closet, Romantic idealistic.) So I popped in a CD from an Elvis box set that includes outakes and alternate versions of songs he recorded in the 50’s and 60’s. This single song touched me so, I listened to it repeatedly as it reaffirmed my belief in Elvis’ true talent and appeal.

The lyrics, like most songs Elvis sang, were written by someone else (in this case, a Don Robertson.) But it was similarly chosen by Elvis himself to record, which he did on September 22, 1962. The lyrics are simple but potent and sweet; sad and celebratory; desperate, but straightforward. Like any other well-written tune, if interpreted by Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Tony Bennet, I’d imagine those versions would be good in their own right. But when Elvis combines his influences of Mario Lanza, Dean Martin, with early blues, gospel, and country, etc., he churned out his own brand of vocal styling, and the results are just gorgeous.

Once again I am moved by the power of music. But, instead of dwelling on a failed relationship from my past, the song’s tag line had me thinking mostly of my mom.



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