Pacquiao’s Power Leads to First Defeat for would-be, Real-Life Rocky, Algieri


One of a kind welterweight Manny Pacquiao wins decision by big numbers over Chris Algieri last night in Macau, China.  Algieri came in with a record of 20 wins and 0 losses, but hit the canvas six times to chalk up the first loss of his young career.

Pacquiao continues to find a way to be successful in the brutal sport of boxing while never seeming to have an angry or vengeful bone in his body.  Pacquiao showed once again that he is not only a great fighter but a decent human being with class, poise and humility.  He entered the ring to Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” smiling and calmly interacting with the family and friends who made up his large entourage.

You could hear Manny’s punching power return with the thud that followed each time he connected with his opponent.  Algieri’s 3.5-inch height and 5-inch reach advantage seemed to make little difference, as he spent much of the twelve rounds covering up and crouching to avoid being totally dominated.

Algieri did show great stamina, hopping on the balls of his feet and moving his head throughout the fight.  Though he spent much time on his back or knees, at least two of the six knockdown were probably caused by wetness in one particular corner of the ring.  One clear shot to his jaw spun Algieri’s head and clearly proved the power of Pacquiao.

Like all professional sports, boxing broadcasts continue to be flooded with advertisements.  The entire ring is designed to showcase a Mexican beer company logo shown boldly on each turnbuckle and hugely displayed on the canvas, easily seen beneath the fighters’ feet.  The boxer’s trunks and corner men also serve as living billboards for casinos, auto racing and other logos.  Even the television graphic that tracks the time and each round of the fight is headed by the same beer logo.  As recent as the nineties, Mike Tyson wore only black trunks and black boots.  Dating from Tyson’s crude style back to all fights previous, the days of pro boxing without the visual plague of endorsements are over.

The difference in demeanor between the younger, New York-bred Algieri and Pacquiao and his camp is clear.  Algieri is a tall and lean former kickboxing champion who also holds a master’s degree in nutrition.  He and his entourage appear youth full and fit.  Between rounds his trainers urge him on with cursing and arrogance.  Pacquiauo’s legacy is already in tact based on his skills inside the ring.  But his overall persona and the loving, humble people he surrounds himself (his mother is often seen ringside preying with rosary beads) shows you can be a successful pro-athlete and positive public figure without being a punk.

Addendum: After seeing more coverage of this fight and Algieiri’s demeanor, he does not come across as a punk.  His trainers maybe…


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