60 for 24: Kobe’s Final Game

Joey Figgiani

Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in the Lakers final game capping off his team’s disappointing season on a win, one last time.  Kobe looked exhausted but failed to quit as his teammates kept feeding him the ball.  After missing his first half a dozen shots he but went on to knock down several threes, mid-range baskets, and even relied on his old legs (according to him) to score from inside the paint.

Of course professional sports, much like the music business, is a big, big money game.  And while watching on television, it’s a reality too tough to ignore during the endless car and beer commercials; the baseball stadiums and boxing rings practically covered in corporate names and logos.  But seeing the smile on Kobe’s face, taking in all his acrobatic moves, I was reminded of the fun of childhood, shooting baskets or playing football in the street, when life was simpler and we played for the sake of playing.  For many of us, as we drag our asses into adulthood, we accept our role as spectators and struggle year after year to incorporate movement into our daily lives.

What we see on television is really the small percentage of athletes who make the final cut into the mainstream, supposedly the “greatest of the greats” who do get to rise to the top.  Knowing this, I give credit to anyone driven enough to pursue a career in professional sports (or the music business for that matter).  But watching Kobe Bryant play his final game with the remaining exuberance of his youth was a definite reminder of what it is to be truly great when given the opportunity.


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