I was born in Great Kills, a small town on Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City.  I daydreamed, played sports in the street and listened to music.  My father ran a butcher shop a few blocks away, and I rarely went anywhere without my bike.

I went to Pubic School 8 from K-5; IS24 for junior-high; New Dorp High School; and eventually The College of Staten Island from 1997-2000, where I earned a Bachelors of Arts with highest honors.

After college I tutored and taught remedial English to college freshman at Kingsborough Community and The College of Staten Island.  I also taught music, art and tutored K-8 at a private Catholic school on Staten Island.  I occasionally give lessons in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, songwriting and art.

In addition to my interest in writing, I’m a self-taught song-writer, musician and play drums, piano, guitar, harmonica and sing.   I’ve performed and recorded music in several cities across the United States-from Florida to Wisconsin, New York to Tennessee.   I’m also a free-hand and digital artist, photographer, short film-maker, editor, producer, and writer.

Other work: drove a truck, ran a college newsletter, waiter, bartender, disc jockey, construction laborer, retail sales and stock person, food


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