Seeking America through Simon and Garfunkel’s Road Trip Song: America

In a time where a person’s whereabouts can be easily tracked by a cell phone, credit card, or other electronic device, the song “America” by Simon and Garfunkel would be very different if written today.  Like most of their work, “America” is another beautifully-written and … Continue reading Seeking America through Simon and Garfunkel’s Road Trip Song: America

Continuing the Discussion of the Media and if Caitlyn Jenner’s Stance is Trivializing the Choice of Changing Genders

I recently apologized to a friend who thought my post about Bruce Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe award was too harsh.  She felt my words were even hostile toward Jenner and his life choice.  So here are more thoughts on the issue:

Somethings just not right about the Bruce Jenner/Kaitlyn Jenner story and particularly the media coverage its getting.  A person’s choice to alter their gender identity is obviously a serious issue, but the Jenner story is making it seem way too trivial.  Deciding to appear as a different sex is any persons right, and I would never belittle a person for it. What l don’t like is the popularity of that horrible kardashian family, their tv show and Jenner’s embracing of the limelight.
I know there must be many people who are more comfortable with the identity of the opposite sex. The problem is when huge challenges and life decisions get depicted as casual choices made out of boredom and by people with endless resources the average person can’t afford.  Unfortunately anything associated with the kardashians comes across that way.  Jenner seems like a good person, but lm uncomfortable with a serious issue being made light of as he and his idiot family grow richer and more famous.
We should be tolerant of anyone who struggles with their identity of course. But I do not doubt that many people do outlandish things for attention, especially in our age of social media and the selfie. And if we continue to dilute serious issues by making them seem like no big deal, we are really headed for the end of civilization.  We already have generations of young people being desensitized to sex and violence because of horrible video games and other media. 
It’s positive to encourage tolerance of all kinds of people as long as no one is being hurt by their choices.  But the issue of gender identity should be handled with more integrity and seriousness than associating it with a “reality” television show about fame-hungry, talentless celebrities.